“When my company moved overseas the Commonwealth Bank suggested I see a Financial Planner. Kellie Rayner was introduced to me as a Financial Advisor. Kellie’s approach was warm and friendly and made me feel like family. She spent many hours advising and recommending different options based on my financial circumstances. She prepared a user-friendly Statement of Advice and Investment Portfolio and was always readily available either by phone, email or in person to answer any of my questions.

With Kellie, I felt completely confident with my final decision. Not only did I receive a comprehensive folder containing all the details associated with my investment options and choices. I also had my policy set up for me online making it very easy to check what is currently happening with my investments. She is more than happy to show me how to navigate my online policy on many occasions. She also continues to provide ongoing assistance whenever the need arises.

On seeing how Kellie managed my Finances my wife had full confidence and requested her to manage hers as well. She guided me in my most difficult times.

We are very impressed with the personalised professional service and advice given to us and how she has tailored this specifically to suit our situation and future needs. We feel very comfortable to put our finances in her care and for her to guide us in the right direction. We have no hesitation in recommending Kellie’s services with complete trust and we would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to achieve better financial outcome.”

Leo & Jan

“In 2012 I was made “redundant” from my job and hence received a redundancy package. My husband and I also had a beach property we decided to sell, which gave us financial freedom to think about “retirement”. Once we had collectively gathered our funds together, my Bank Manager suggested seeing a financial advisor, because he thought it would be beneficial to me at that particular time. At that time, I was not sure if I would seek alternative employment or retire, so I decided to investigate my options.

I was therefore introduced to Kellie Rayner and found Kellie to be very knowledgeable and well informed in the financial sector. Her expertise guided me, and it became clear that I could in fact retire earlier than I thought, due to my financial situation. I have been a client of Kellie’s for several years and have found her to be very professional, a person of integrity and possess sound judgement. I have regular reviews with Kellie in order to keep up with ever-changing financial trends.

Kellie goes above and beyond in her duty of care to provide me with sound financial advice.

Six years later, my husband decided to retire and hence our situation changes again! My husband then sought the advice of Kellie in relation to his retirement and we have found that we can have a “comfortable” retirement due to the advice we have received from Rayner Planners. It is comforting to know that our superannuation is working for us and that gives us satisfaction and peace of mind.”


“When I first realized I needed professional financial advice I was nervous to ask anyone and did not know where to start. One of the Commonwealth bank tellers gave me Kellie Rayner’s name and I made appointment to see her. I was getting close to retirement and I wanted to invest the money and also provide a cash flow like the wage I was used to getting. Kellie explained different options I could take, and the risks involved. She explained it in layman’s terms so I could understand, and it would not be over my head. I found she had a very pleasant personality and made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

The services provided were very good and she also suggested that I move the money to different investments if they were not producing a viable outcome. When the GFC hit in 2007 she explained the situation and said it will recover and try not to stress out about it. It did ease my mind at the time. She said these things happen from time to time and she was right; we are now having the best results in years.

The final benefits are that the money I invested is paying me well. I have no monetary problems or worries. My original principal has hardly changed, and I have been retired for 15 years. It has made my life easier and relaxed because I don’t have any financial problems and she is always available to discuss matters and give advice. I thoroughly recommend her services.”


Rayner Planners